Welcome To Millenium Telecommunication
Millenium Telecommunication is an engineering services company, offering wide range of diverse and dependable customized turnkey solutions for various industrial and consumer needs. Millenium Telecommunication has made its presence felt throughout India and is now quickly ramifying into other continents and countries too.
To provide end-to-end services to our customers we have successfully built, strategic technology, marketing alliances, efficient in house teams and network of field workforce over the years. We bring the entire turnkey solutions and products that enhance performance and profitability of our customers from public and private sectors.

We are often called upon to evaluate existing cell sites to determine if efficiency or capacity can be increased, specifically, for assistance with the identification and remedy of performance issues that limit system output. We are entrusted with and provided access to proprietary information with the understanding that our unique capabilities make Arete an ideal candidate to provide economically feasible solutions towards the attainment of process goals.
Millenium Telecommunication is also regularly involved with major projects in wireless communications and other construction endeavors.

Online Application
The process to apply is very simple, fill our online form and we will back to u soon and check out your application status.
Survey Process
The Survey from the satellite will be to check all prerequisites and a report from revenue department is evaluated.
Recurring Income
A monthly basis regular income is yours upto 80,000. Adjusted Grosss Revenueis about 65,00,000 for approx 20 years.
Did You Know
Over 50,000 livelihoods have been generated by Us, with additional spin-off jobs created by its network of vendors, customers & partners